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Renew Your Licence with a Forklift Refresher Course

New WorkCover legislation requires all HRW licence holders ensure their skills remain current by attending refresher training after long periods of not operating regularly. ACE offer Refresher Courses that take approximately 3-4 hours and cover the latest regulations and legislation introduced to the test on the 1st January 2013.

ACE’s Refresher Courses are a valuable asset to employers giving them the opportunity to check their employee’s licence statuses along with their hazard, risk assessment and control measures. Keep all driver standards up and insurance premiums down whilst reducing damage to your equipment and stock by ensuring all staff are fully qualified and up-to-date with the latest standards. There are loads of cheap forklift driving courses available that don’t provide the necessary degree of training; here at ACE Forklift Training trainees are guaranteed individualised assistance and assessment ensuring they pass with a more than competent understanding of course material, practical operational skills and knowledge of industry standards.

Forklift Training Courses

ACE Forklift Training and Assessment pride themselves on their dynamic and interactive training programs.

Specifically tailored to meet individual and industry needs you can rest assured you’ll be able to find the right package for your or your employees.

First Aid Training

Working in a high-risk workplace? ACE first aid training will help you assess and assist in any onsite medical emergency. At our course, students are taught how to assess risk, identify a crisis and deal with the situation using effective, respectful and possibly life-saving procedures.


Verification of Competency (VOC)

Some large companies are now requesting a Verification of Competency (VOC). If the training has been done recently and by a reputable organisation, this should not be necessary. However, a lot of contractors are now finding this to be another hurdle they need to jump over. Be careful who you use for this service, as some VOCs that are issued end up being fraudulent documents that cannot be used in the workplace. Check the qualifications of the people who are actually issuing the VOC and that it is not just a tick and flick to issue it.

The VOC should ensure that the worker has been given adequate instruction and training, having regard to:

Once training is successfully completed, a Statement of Attainment or license is issued. There is no set expiry date for a VOC certificate. The length of time that the VOC is valid for largely depends on the requirements of the company requesting them.

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