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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for LF and LO Licences

This page will outline the terms and conditions for the “Operate a Forklift Truck”  LF (Course code: TLILIC0003) and
“Operate an Order Picker Forklift Truck”  LO (Course code: TLILIC0004) licences.

Learner Handbook: A copy of the Learner hand book is located in the training room and on request any learner will be given a full copy of this hand book out lining in detail all above terms and conditions. An extended copy of all of Ace Forklift Assessing policies and procedures are located in the Ace office and a full copy of any policy and procedure will be forwarded to any learner requesting a copy.

Copy of Policy and Procedures: A copy of Ace Forklift Assessing policies and procedures is located in the training room and on request any learner will be given access to sight and request a copy of the policy and procedure they believe is relevant to them.

Learning, English & Literacy needs: Ace Forklift Assessing will assist all learners with any special needs to access the forklift training courses at no extra cost to the learner. If you have any special needs then you must notify the Ace office prior to the commencement of your training course.

Intimidation & Threats: It is against Ace Forklift Assessing to intimidate or threaten a trainer or another learner any such behaviour you will be requested to leave the course and Ace will consider taking further action depending on the severity of the offence. Any other learner that have concerns where they believe any of the above offences have been committed towards them by another learner or Ace staff member the complaints and grievances process will be implemented by Ace management.

Learners Conduct during training: Any learner that exhibits the following behaviour towards an Ace staff member or other learner will be required to comply with Ace forklift Assessing disciplinary action. Such conduct includes aggressive, disorderly, disruptive behaviour where a learner is found to be harassing or interferes with the comfort of others and conducts themselves is an unsafe manner during training.

Training records, information and privacy: All learners’ records are kept for 30 years all records and information is confidential and is only accessed by Ace staff. Learners may request access and are required to give written consent for a 3rd person they request to access their information. Learners records may be accessed due to legal requirements.

Course Policies and Procedures

Appeals, Complaints and Grievances:

All learners have the right to access Ace Forklift Assessing appeals, complaints and grievances policies and procedures.

Terms and Conditions to Licenced Assessment

 Important Note: All applicants that are determined to be Not Yet Competent at their licenced assessment WILL NEED TO PAY A RE-ASSESSMENT COST, this is not negotiable and is applicable to all applicants. If you rebook a reassessment and fail to attend then Ace Forklift Assessing may charge a non-attendance fee for each assessment you fail to attend.

Assessors are contracted by the number of assessments notified and Ace Forklift Assessing needs to cover the assessor’s costs per-person. You are paying for the assessor’s attendance and assessment of you individually, this is the reason for the re-assessment cost, and a non-attendance fee as Ace Forklift Assessing will be required to pay the assessor regardless of your attendance or not.

Licenced Assessment Price Structure:

Re-assessment Theory: $250.00
Re-assessment Practical: $250.00
Components of both theory and practical: $300.00
On Site: $150.00
Non-attendance: $250.00 per non-attendance booking
Verbal assessments: $350.00

Any Person that refuses to be compliant with this price structure will not be assessed with any Assessor contracted by Ace Forklift Assessing. No applicant may directly influence or discuss Ace Forklift Assessing’s pricing structure with an Assessor. Those that refuse to pay WILL NOT BE REASSESSED WITH ANY ASSESSOR CONTRACTED TO ACE FORKLIFT ASSESSING.

Points of Identification For Licenced Assessment:   All learners that are applying for their licence Assessment with a workcover accredited assessor are required by law to provide 100 points of ID. Ace Forklift Assessing requires you to produce this ID on both days of training, as a means to identify any issue that may occur prior to your licenced assessment, and so the trainer may guide you in areas you may not be compliant with. Basic Rule: No I.D No Assessment

No Assessor contracted to Ace Forklift Assessing will assess you without 100 points of I.D. If you fail to produce this I.D to the trainer to sight then it is at your own risk that an assessor will refuse to assess you. All Learners are issued with a list of appropriate I.D accepted by a workcover accredited assessor. No other I.D other than that which is on the accepted list can or will be accepted on the day of you assessment.

Bribes Intimidation & Threats: It is illegal to Bribe, intimidate or threaten an assessor any such behaviour will result with your assessment being terminated immediately and you will be requested to leave the assessment you will be determined Not Yet Competent by the assessor and reported to Workcover, in cases where an assessor feels physically threatened Ace Forklift Assessing will contact the police and criminal charges may be placed against you.

Conduct that may be considered cheating but not limited to:

  1. Use of electronic devices (eg mobiles)
  2. Writing on parts of the body
  3. Using translation devices
  4. Writing on walls or tables
  5. Talking during assessment to other applicants
  6. Looking at training material
  7. Gestures to other applicant performing assessment

Safety Clothing: All learners must wear enclosed shoes to access Forklift Training.

Learning outcomes: All learners have the right to a positive outcome from their training however all learners have the responsibility to study for the assessment. Where it is decided that a learner may require more time to study before accessing the assessment the trainer will during their evaluation discuss this with the learner and a later date for their assessment maybe arranged at no cost to the learner. The only time the learner will not be given this option is when it has been established that the learner did not take the time to study and had not discussed with the trainer the reason if the learner decides to postpone their assessment due to a failure to study a further cost of $100.00 will be added to their training fee. Learners accessing the 1 day training and assessment course will be given the option to upgrade to the 2day course at the normal additional cost for 2 day training. All decisions will be left to the learner after feedback from the trainer.

Charges for course non-attendance, cancellations and Re-assessments:

Due to ongoing client non-attendance and cancellations, Ace Forklift Assessing has had to revise their fee structure please find below the new cost:

Training Component: Type of training Upgrade Cost:
Nonattendance to course Both training days $100
Nonattendance to course One training day $100
Assessment Component: Type of assessment upgrade: Cost
Re-assessment Single Unit Theory / Calculation / Practical $100
Re-assessment Multiple Units Theory / Calculation / Practical $150
Non assessment attendance Cancelled assessment within 48 hours $100
Non assessment attendance Nonattendance without notice $100
Non assessment attendance Cancelled assessment outside 96 hours (4 days) $200
Non assessment attendance Ongoing cancelation for each: $200

All charges are applicable to all learners and applicants for training and licensed assessments:

Training Manager Judy Henderson

Training course assessments: Under the regulations set out by workcover, for a high risk assessment to be conducted the applicant must have participated and completed a full training assessment with the outcome to their training and assessment competent. No Assessor may conduct an assessment on those learners that have refused or not completed a training assessment.

The training assessment is designed by Ace Forklift Assessing and in no way reflects that of the licenced assessment. Learners should not mistake the training assessment as either the assessment for their licence or that their training assessment is a reflection of their licenced assessment.

Those learners that decide to proceed to their licenced assessment that have been deemed Not Yet Competent through training or training assessment do so with an informed choice.

Course start times:

 2 Day & Assessment

Day One
  • Arrival time 7.30am
  • Course Commences 8.30am
  • Conclusion time 3pm in some cases the trainer may require a class or members of a class to remain later due to training progress
Day Two
  • Start time 8.00am
  • Training concludes 11am
  • Licenced assessment commencement 11.30am

All classes start and are completed on these times if a learner is late or is required to leave early it is the responsibility of the learner to notify the Ace office.

Meals & Breaks: All meal and break times will be decided on within the class environment at the beginning of training. Ace provide all learners with morning tea/ hot drinks there is a cold drink outlet at the training school all learners must provide their own lunch or dinner and may access the local shops during meal breaks.

Drugs & Alcohol: No learner may attend a training class if they are under the influence of either an illegal drug or alcohol any learner that is believed to be impaired by either will be removed from the course. No refund will be provided to any learner that is removed due to either drugs or alcohol.

Conduct that may be considered a bribe but not limited to:

  • Money
  • Goods or services performed assessor
  • Further applicants that you may be able to send to assessor

Conduct that may be considered a threat but not limited to:

  • Physical
  • Verbal
  • Emotional
  • Threat to further income generated
  • A personal adverse effect if to applicant if a finding of competent is not determined

Terms and Conditions For Booking into a Course

Booking Notification: All learners, employers and clients must book into a course not less than 48 hours prior to commencement of training date. This booking must be confirmed with a deposit.

Deposits: Learners which book into an Ace Forklift Assessing course are required to pay a deposit upon booking, learners must book in no later than 48 hours prior to commencement of a course. Deposits will vary depending on the course and training you require.

Employers and clients are not required to pay a deposit for course bookings. Clients and employers will be invoiced at time of booking. The only exception to this is where Ace Forklift Assessing has previously had difficulty with obtaining payment for services provided. All invoice payments are payable within 7 days of receiving invoice

A full copy of price structure is provided at the completion of this section of the learner hand book.

Changing training dates: All changes to the training date you have booked in for must be done no less than 24 hours prior to commencement of training. Any changes to training dates, requested within 24 hours of your training commencing there will be an additional cost added to your training. Where there is a repeated course date change Ace Forklift Assessing reserves the right to retain your course deposit with an additional deposit required before a further course date will be allocated.

Payment of course: All accounts MUST be finalised in the morning of your first training day. Ace Forklift Assessing management reserve the right to refuse training to anyone that does not finalise his or her account at commencement of training. NO REFUND WILL BE ISSUED TO ANY LEARNER WHERE COURSE ACCESS HAS BEEN REFUSED. A further charge will be incurred to rebook for another training date. If Ace management decide to refuse training to an individual after discussion regarding outstanding payment and the learner/client failure to meet set terms then their assessment will be cancelled and a further cost will be incurred by learner. Where an account payment through electronic means has been stopped by a client or learner Ace Forklift Assessing reserves the right to contact Workcover and stop the client being issued with their HRW License until the account or matter of concern is finalised.

For all Employer’s/Clients that retain a training and assessment service with Ace Forklift Assessing all invoice payments must be finalized within 7 days of receiving the invoice, Ace Forklift Assessing reserves the right, to take further legal action on any client that refuses to abide by, Ace Forklift Assessing invoice terms and conditions.


  • Death or serious injury within the family
  • Illness (A doctors certificate must be provided)


Further Course Training: Some learners after their initial course training may require further training, this is always determined at the completion of training and training assessment and in consultation with the learner, where Ace Forklift Assessing can reduce further cost to the learner they will endeavour to attempt to do so. All bookings for further course training will be required to go through the office. Where a learner has had further costs wavered and they fail to attend booked training times. Ace Forklift Assessing will implement the normal training cost onto the learner.