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Frequently Asked Questions


Getting a forklift licence of any kind is a great way to improve your employability in the Australian workforce. For beginners, this may be their first step into warehouse, logistics or transport employment, but for those with some experience, either here or overseas, they may find that their current qualifications don’t comply under the latest OH&S and WorkCover regulations.

Under the latest OH&S regulations you are no longer permitted to just sit the licensed assessment. All applicants for high-risk assessments must now undergo and be deemed competent through a formal training system and RTO before a SafeWork assessor can conduct a high-risk assessment. An assessment booking time will be determined between you and your trainer at completion of your training assessment.

Trainees will learn how to monitor and manage:

1. Potential workplace hazards

2. Full operation of the forklift

3. Forklift performance

4. Post-start and post-operational checks

5. Onsite communication and record keeping

Trainees will also learn about OH&S legislation and standards relevant to the safe operation of forklift trucks. Workplace standards, policies and procedures for conducting operations for the crane class and about typical problems they may experience on the worksite floor.


You can choose one of the following methods when making a booking for a course at ACE:

  • On site: Your company can email or phone ACE with their preferred days and numbers. We will then verify availability, and once the booking is made, the pre-study guide and invoice will be forwarded by email (invoice must be paid prior to attendance).
  • At school: You can email, phone or drop in to the ACE office to confirm your booking. Students booking themselves in must pay a $200 deposit, with the remaining fee due the morning of the course. Once the booking has been confirmed, the student will be given their pre-study guide.
  • Online: You can enquire about bookings for ACE online using our handy form to the left. We will respond to your enquiry by phone or email.

All learners that are applying for their licence assessment with a workcover accredited assessor are required by law to provide 100 points of ID during their training.

Accepted forms if identification include the following:

70 POINTSPrimary Documents: Only use 1 primary document
  • Passport: current or expired with the last 2 years, but not cancelled
  • Birth certificate or birth card: Issued by the Register of births, deaths and marriages
  • Australian Citizenship Certificate
40 POINTSSecondary Documents: If you use both a credit and savings card these must be from different banks.You are allowed to use a combination of secondary documents
  • Current Australian Driver’s Licence
  • Current Australian, State or Territory Photo/Proof of Age Card(E.g. NSW RTA issued photo card)
  • Current Australian Learner Driver’s Licence/Permit
  • Current NSW Boat Operators licence (with photo)
  • Current NSW Firearms Photo Licence
  • WorkCover NSW issued licence (with photo)
  • Australian Police or Dept. of Defence Card (with photo)
  • Medicare Card
  • DVA Card
  • Centrelink Card
  • Property (Council) Rates Notice
  • Motor Vehicle Registration Papers
  • Motor Vehicle Insurance Papers
  • Telephone Account
  • Utility Bill (e.g. water, electricity, gas)
  • Property Lease Agreement
  • Credit cards
  • Savings card or bank statement


Once your forklift licence has expired it must be renewed within 12 months from the expiry date. If you fail to renew your licence within this time you’ll be required to complete the one-day Forklift Training course again and pass the subsequent assessment with a SafeWork Assessor. If you’re unsure about the expiry date of your Forklift Licence call SafeWork on 13 10 50.


Just like when you’re preparing for your driver’s licence, those training for their forklift licence must too keep a logbook. This logbook is supplied to you by the Registered Training Organisation, via ACE Forklift Training, at the time of your enrolment. The logbook must be maintained during your training and demonstrate that you are competent to work a forklift in the particular environment in which you are required to work.

You are no longer permitted to operate a forklift on a worksite on a logbook system. The only logbook system which is now legal are those provided by an RTO (as deemed by SafeWork) and are under supervision of an accredited training. Any person using a logbook on a worksite must have sat the knowledge component of the training with an RTO first.


No, you will not be able to legally use your overseas licence in Australia.

If you have obtained and held an Overseas Forklift Licence, you can obtain an Australian Forklift Licence by taking ACE’s Experienced Operators Course: a course consisting of one day of training and assessment once you have been deemed competent by the trainer. You will receive a manual upon booking to help with the theory side of assessment.


Companies can pay their invoice for group bookings via online banking, EFTPOS over the phone, or by company cheque.

Individual students can pay for the remainder of their course fees either by cash or by EFTPOS.

Please note that all accounts must be finalised by the morning of the first training day. The management at ACE reserve the right to refuse training to any person or company that does not finalise his or her account at commencement of training. Additionally, there are no refunds on deposits for change of mind. To read ACE Forklift Training’s terms and conditions in full, please visit our terms and conditions page.


The use of forklift trucks in the workplace remains a potentially hazardous activity which requires stringent management and safety procedures. Ignoring forklift OH&S could lead to injuries, fatalities and costly litigation.

Australia’s high level of OH&S standards means that employers could face substantial fines, in excess of $10,ooo, if they fail to comply to current standards. Fines of up to $70,000 are not unheard of in the case of fatalities.

Australian workplace managers need to be proactive in the development and maintenance of their onsite forklift safety programs, in addition to ensuring all their forklift drivers have a up-to-date Australian Certificate of Competency for forklift operation.

At ACE Forklift Training we take the safety of our trainees extremely seriously and endeavour to always provide exceptional safety training. We take time with all our students ensuring their individual needs are assessed and monitored and that students are only moved on into assessment phase when we’re confident that they are well-equipped to determine potential hazards, gauge the need for safety precautions and deal with an emergency.

We offer our First Aid Training course at a discounted price to all LO & LF trainees in the hope that they take on this additional and highly-relevant course, designed to assist them in the event of an onsite crisis.

Our Forklift training addresses the following safety topics:

1. Pre-operation checks

2. Forklift operation

3. The working environment

4. Work activities and processes

5. The forklift operator


Trainees wanting to enrol in the TLILIC0003  – Licence to Operate a Forklift Truck course must be 18 years of age, have 100 points of ID and USI number ( In order to understand the assessment material trainees must have a good understanding of both written and spoken English. However verbal assessments, designed for those not quite as confident in their written English, can be booked at an additional cost of $250.00 per person.

In order to comply with OH&S students must arrive at ACE Forklift Training wearing closed toe shoes, safety boots are preferable, those who do not comply will not be able to continue with their training.

In order to comply with OH&S students must arrive at ACE Forklift Training wearing closed toe shoes, safety boots are preferable, those who do not comply will not be able to continue with their training.

As this is a beginners course, previous forklift driving experience is not necessary. However, we do urge that all trainees take the time to look over the course material sent to them once their booking has been confirmed in order to prepare themselves for the two-day training and assessment.

Advanced courses are available for those who already have previous forklift driving experience. It may be that your forklift licence was awarded to you overseas or that you haven’t operated a forklift licence in quite some time. These courses require you to complete the theory part of your assessment at home and complete the practical component of your training and assessment over one day either at our Padstow location or onsite at your workplace.

Refresher courses are also available. New SafeWork legislation requires all HRW licence holders ensure their skills are up to date by attending refresher training after long periods of not operating regularly. ACE offer Refresher Courses that take approximately 3-4 hours and cover the latest regulations and legislation introduced to the test on the 1st January 2013.


Here at ACE Forklift Training we run LO Class – Licence to Operate an Order Picker forklift training courses over two days every Monday and Tuesday. Most trainees are able to successfully complete the order picker course over this two day period, which is broken up in to theoretical work on day one and practical work on day two.

It’s recommended that trainees have some degree of pre-course learning, this may include previous operating experience and should definitely include looking over your course material emailed to you when you book. The course is however suitable for both the complete novice and those with some experience with operating an order picker.

Refresher courses are also available for those who currently hold an existing LO or LF Forklift licence. These run for four hours and provide experienced workers with updated course material, safety requirements and operational standards.

Trainees must be fluent in English and possess at least average reading and writing skills. Verbal assessments can be held for additional cost of $250.00 per person. Our trainers take great pride in ensuring that each trainee is attended to throughout the course and assessed carefully. Some trainees may need additional time beyond the regular two-day training program in order to successfully pass, meeting national standards. 

All trainees who enrol in the ACE Order Picker Licence training course receive discounted entry into the LF Forklift Licence Course.

LO Licences can be attained through training programs with ACE at our Padstow location or onsite:

Licence to Operate a Load Shifting Order Picker (LO) – LO Order Picker Licence.

To enrol in your next Forklift Training Course, or for businesses looking to get a quote for group training, please call us or submit an enquiry.