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Elevate Your Career With Forklift Training Classes By Ace Forklift Training

Are you looking to boost your employability and take your career to new heights? Forklift training classes could be the answer! In today’s competitive job market, having the right skills and qualifications is essential. Ace Forklift Training offers comprehensive forklift training classes that can equip you with the expertise you need to succeed. Let’s explore […]

How To Get Your Order Picker License In Sydney: Ace Forklift Training Can Help!

Whether you’re already working in the warehouse industry or seeking a new career opportunity, obtaining an order picker license can significantly enhance your employability. As an order picker, you’ll play a crucial role in fulfilling customer orders by efficiently and safely manoeuvring through warehouse aisles to pick items. Having the right license demonstrates your competency […]

Why On-Site Forklift Training is Essential for Forklift Operators

On-site forklift training is essential for forklift operators, as it ensures that they are properly educated in the safe and efficient operation of industrial lift trucks. This type of training enables workers to be well- informed about all aspects of lift truck operation, from basic safety protocols to advanced technical skills. In addition to teaching […]

Why You Must Have Forklift Training For Your Staff

Forklift training for your operational staff in Padstow is key to a smooth-running business setting and a safe, efficient process. With the right certification, your drivers and operators have the right qualifications to operate this machinery. In addition, the right training is needed to keep the work going without a hitch. Read on to find […]

How Long Is Your Forklift Licence Good For And What Voids It?

High Reach Forklift

Driving A Forklift Requires a Licence but that Licence Has Some Requirements Of Its Own Whether you use a forklift every day or just occasionally, you are required by law to be properly licensed with a HRW (High Risk Work) Licence, which we will call a forklift licence for simplicity. For those drivers who have […]

Safeguard Against Forklift-Related Insurance Claims

Take preventative measures so your business doesn’t have to foot the bill from a forklift-related injury or accident. The cost of forklift-related injuries is on the rise. Year after year – the transport, postal and warehousing sectors claim the most lives to high-risk work accidents and injuries, from 8 fatal accidents in 2014, to five […]

WHS Clampdown on Forklift Licence Holders

Can your company afford to foot the bill from a forklift accident? Employees should be aware of increased fines and consequences as WorkCover continue to narrow in on forklift driver safety after a spate of incidents in 2014. Let’s get one thing clear – forklift driving is high-risk work. The potential for serious harm is […]

Forklift Licence a Bonus in Tough Job Market

forklift licence sydney

Despite a fall in the unemployment rate, the latest quarterly vacancy figures show job seekers are still gruelling it out in a tough job market ­­– in fact it’s as tough as it’s been for over a decade. While the unemployment rate has remained relatively steady, with a slight, unexpected, increase in the adjustment for […]

New Forklift Safety Mandates at the Sydney Markets


Two fatal accidents at the Sydney Markets have lead to the introduction of mandatory seatbelts and rollover protection for all onsite forklifts. The accidents, occurring in 2012 and 2013, forced the country’s largest fresh-food market to seriously scrutinise their safety standards and operations. Every night 5,000 workers move at a frenzied pace around the 43-hectre […]