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Forklift Safety

Staying Safe in a High Risk Workplace: Forklift Safety

The use of forklift trucks in the workplace remains a potentially hazardous activity which requires stringent management and safety procedures. Ignoring forklift OH&S could lead to injuries, fatalities and costly litigation.

Australia’s high level of OH&S standards means that employers could face substantial fines, in excess of $10,ooo, if they fail to comply to current standards. Fines of up to $70,000 are not unheard of in the case of fatalities.

Australian workplace managers need to be proactive in the development and maintenance of their onsite forklift safety programs, in addition to ensuring all their forklift drivers have a up-to-date Australian Certificate of Competency for forklift operation.

At ACE Forklift Training we take the safety of our trainees extremely seriously and endeavour to always provide exceptional safety training. We take time with all our students ensuring their individual needs are assessed and monitored and that students are only moved on into assessment phase when we’re confident that they are well-equipped to determine potential hazards, gauge the need for safety precautions and deal with an emergency.

We offer our First Aid Training course at a discounted price to all LO & LF trainees in the hope that they take on this additional and highly-relevant course, designed to assist them in the event of an onsite crisis.

Our Forklift training addresses the following safety topics:

1. Pre-operation checks

2. Forklift operation

3. The working environment

4. Work activities and processes

5. The forklift operator