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Forklifts are employed in various sectors, including transportation, logistics, building, mining, etc. Therefore, acquiring a forklift driver licence can be greatly beneficial in expanding your job options and advancing your career.  

To drive a forklift, you need a national high-risk work licence (HRWL) in Australia. You must complete training and be evaluated by a WorkSafe assessor at a Registered Training Organization to earn this (RTO). After receiving your forklift operator license, you can apply for jobs in transportation or work in a warehouse. To learn how to obtain a forklift licence in Australia, continue reading. Our online learning platform enables you to finish your theory training on your schedule to minimise time away from work and maximise the amount of time spent driving a forklift with our knowledgeable trainers. 

ACE provides forklift driving training in Sydney Forklifting takes pride in being the ONLY business to provide forklift training in this manner. Your ability to operate any forklift, including counterbalance, reach trucks, and high-reach forklifts throughout Australia, will depend on your ability to complete this course. A SafeWork licenced evaluation is conducted on the third day after the forklift training course has been held for two full days.

What Are The Requirements Needed To Obtain A Forklift Drivers Licence In Sydney? 

You must be 18 years old and have rudimentary written and vocal English skills to participate in the training course.

One hundred pieces of identification are required, including a passport, a driver’s licence, a birth certificate, and proof of address

What are the benefits of holding a forklift licence in Parramatta? 

While many would attribute Sydney’s economic success to expanding the health, business, and IT sectors, the manufacturing, warehouse, transportation, and logistics continue to support this hub.

Unless they are in training, anyone operating a forklift or order picker while engaging in high-risk employment must possess the appropriate LF or LO licence. 

In Sydney, training and assessment for high-risk work licences can only be provided by Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) approved by Safework. Practical training may take place at the place of employment, but the training and evaluation must be given under the direction of an RTO. The most popular forklift licence type, the LF class forklift, covers the majority of forklift operation scenarios. It enables the user to operate reach trucks and the most prevalent models of counterbalanced forklifts (high reach).  

Your high-risk job forklift driver’s licence expires after five years and needs to be renewed accordingly. Contact us today to learn more about our offerings.

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