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ACE Forklift Training offers top-notch, well-recognised training programmes for various industries – allowing you to select the best route for your profession. We make it easier for people of all experience levels to get the skills and qualifications to operate a truck; you would need to further your career by providing instruction from qualified and experienced instructors. In addition, choosing to cooperate with our staff makes getting your forklift ticket easier than ever before. 

What is A Forklift Certification?

The knowledge and abilities needed to operate a forklift truck safely are covered in this course. To pass this course, a person operating a forklift truck must plan the job, perform regular checks, move loads safely, and securely shut down and secure equipment after operations. Some forklift certification programmes let students enroll without experience, while others could demand that applicants have a certain amount of prior employment experience. 

High-Risk Employment Permits

To operate some machinery, install scaffolding, or do dogging or rigging work, you need a high-risk work license. You must possess the necessary license(s) to perform various sorts of work, including:

  • Forklifts
  • Order Pickers
  • High-work platforms
  • Scissor lifts

A current HRW license entitles you to employment in any state or territory for 5 years and is recognised nationally. 

What Elements Should A Forklift Training Course Carry?

It’s crucial to pick a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) to evaluate your education and experience using pertinent, nationally recognised standards in a setting that closely resembles the workplace. You will only be qualified for your licence if you receive your training from an RTO. 

Select a company that offers practical workplace training to obtain a feel for driving and using a forklift. Additionally, it would help if you are looking for a forklift training provider that is simple to reach, has ample parking on the premises, and offers a variety of training dates so you can choose the one that works best for you. 

Some RTOs, like ACE Forklift Training, also provide online booking, making it simple to get started and providing all your information and ID before your course begins. When you have finished your forklift ticket course with ACE Forklift Training, they will offer you the application paperwork you require for a new card. 

Our team will assist you in enrolling in and completing your forklift training course so you can obtain your licence. So enrol in our leading forklift ticket training today!