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The real question is “Why wouldn’t I want to earn an Order Picker Licence?” Take a look at this post to find out why you should have no doubts about what our course can do for you. Check out the benefits of taking our two-day ACE Forklift Training course on operating an LO Class Order Picker.

Our Licence to Operate an Order Picker Course (TLILIC2002A) is comprehensive, well-rounded, and clearly presented. Our casual, friendly classroom atmosphere at our location in Padstow makes for effective learning. We are also willing to travel to hold classes onsite at a business location. Our instructors are highly experienced in the field, and work closely with each student to make sure that they take in and understand all of the information and content to the greatest possible extent. Course content and presentation are of the highest quality.

The course is held on Wednesday and Thursday. Class Room Theory is covered on Wednesday and Practical Training is covered on Thursday. To fulfill course requirements and also meet the guidelines for earning your licence, you must complete both the Class Room Theory and Practical Training sections of the course. Order Picker assessments are conducted on the Monday following the last day of class.

When you finish the class successfully, course participants are awarded a Statement of Attainment in TLILIC2002A Licence to Operate an Order Picker, a WorkCover NSW Notice of Satisfactory Assessment (NSA) (valid for 60 days), and 100 points of ID. ACE Forklift Training furnishes a pen and a safety vest to each student, as well.

Prerequisites for attending the Licence to Operate an Order Picker Class are as follows:

Students who have attended previous Licence to Operate an Order Picker Courses have expressed overwhelmingly positive opinions. They’ve been impressed with the quality of the course content, the extent of the instructors’ knowledge and abilities, and the instructors’ willingness to help them learn all they can and complete the class successfully.

So there it is! A list of reasons to not miss this course! And for those who already have their licences, we have a four-hour refresher course, just to brush up on skills and abilities, either just because they feel they need it, or at an employer’s request.

Visit our website at for more information on the course and registration.

We look forward to seeing you at our Order Picker Licence Course, and at our other courses, too!