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Forklift ticket renewal is important for anyone working in an industry that relies on these machines. A refresher course can hold several benefits, from ensuring you are up to date on operating procedures to making certain you understand the latest technologies being used. Read on to find out a bit more about what these renewals mean for you. 

The Legal Side

There is no time limit to certification for forklift drivers – once passed, you can legally drive one of these machines. But it’s still not quite clear-cut as that, as there is a code of practice that states that refresher training should be given. Without regular refresher training, it could be found that the vehicle operator had not received proper training since their certification was first achieved. This can be an important element in times of accident or incident when it comes to working out liability. If each operator is up to date on training, you can ensure that your business is covered with the right professionals in the right places. 

Frequency Of Training 

Again, without any official indication, there is no set time limit for when you should have refresher training. However, many people recommend that refresher training is taken every 3 to 5 years from the time the driver last completed a training course. This interval will ensure that drivers are updated with the latest technological advances; they will also be reminded of safety procedures that may have slackened over time.

What Does Refresher Training Involve?

Unlike the original forklift certification training, Refresher training only takes a day of your time to help you keep your knowledge up to date. The training should consist of a theory test and a practical operator test. If a driver has previously passed to gain certification, there is no need to go further than refreshing their memory on the operation and the safety of forklifts.

Time Delays

Since there is technically no expiration date to your driver’s certification, it can never be “left too long”. However, in an accident, you could be liable as a company if the operator hasn’t had regular refresher training. Anything over 5 years without training could be deemed negligent, so it’s always best to have training at regular intervals.A forklift renewal ticket can be the certification you need to ensure you are up to date on technology, and that all drivers have recent training under their belts. Contact us today to find out more about the process.