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As an employer, you must ensure your employees renew their relevant forklift licenses. This all-important qualification allows your team to operate heavy machines and vehicles that could play a vital role in your daily processes. Whether a risk factor or the fact that it is required by law, these courses ensure your operators have the relevant knowledge to run these vehicles safely. Read on to find out more about these courses for your employees. 

Everyone Is In The Know

Like many other businesses, those employing forklift drivers can see frequent turnover rates. The regular flow of new operators year after year might mean you always have a mix of brand-new and veteran drivers working on the same team. Therefore, this is an opportunity to sign everyone up for a safety refresher course.

New Equipment Orientation

Purchasing new equipment is the perfect time to update your forklift certification. If you run a company and are unsure how your new safety standards match your company’s safety protocols, consider updated training. Then, between the equipment manufacturer’s suggestions and updated safety training, your team will be good to go.

Operator Safety

You must make your crew feel appreciated and protected as a company or worksite supervisor. It would help if you also showed your operators that you care about their safety by offering an updated training course. As a result, they can better understand how to manage loads and various types of surfaces to always operate within the intended guidelines. 

OSHA Requirements

Updated training is a requirement from OSHA. This certification benefits operators and employers and keeps employees safe. It’s not uncommon for OSHA to change the safety requirements for forklift operators. In addition, updated safety training keeps you and your drivers current and on track with legislative changes.

Keep Your Records Up To Date

Is your driver’s safety training record up to date? Often, when records have not been updated recently or regularly, employees with out-of-date certification may fly under the radar, posing a risk to your company’s safety. It is best to note when your staff need to be recertified and ensure that every person has the required, up-to-date certification to operate these vehicles correctly. When you regularly update your records, you can ensure you always know which drivers need to be certified again soon. 

When employees renew forklift licenses, you can be sure they know how to operate machines safely and securely. When these machines play a vital role in your business, you must ensure they are running correctly and not damaged by daily use. Contact us today to find out more.