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Difference Between LO & LF Licence


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What’s the difference between the LO & LF Licence?

The difference between an LO & LF Licence is primarily the kind of vehicle that they permit you to legally drive. An LF Licence allows you top operate any forklift except those classified as LO (Load-Shifting Order Picker). An LO Order Picker Licence will only qualify you to operate a Load Shifting Order Picker and a “turret truck” also known as a VNA (Very Narrow Aisle) truck.

Operation of an LO stock picker requires the driver to wear a harness that is attached to a lanyard. The operator’s platform rises and lowers so as the driver can pick stock at varying levels; the operator’s controls are incorporated into the load carriage so the driver can control the LO throughout the entire operation. Order pickers operate at various heights, making them ideal for warehouse use, some reaching as high as 10 metres. The harness is necessary for the driver’s safety and must be worn at all times in order to comply with WorkSafe OHS and guidelines.

A forklift truck is equipped with lifting materials made up of a mast and elevating load carriage. Attached are a pair of fork arms that can be raised 900mm or more above the ground, allowing for the easy transit of heavy or multiple packaged items in a warehouse setting. The forklift is operated from the driver’s seat and steering wheel, unlike the order picker, and doesn’t require the driver to be elevated at any point or attached to a harness. 

Both licences are highly desirable in the Australian workforce. If you’re seeking work in the warehouse, transport or logistics  industry being licensed to operate either or both an LF and LO forklift will help you bolster your career. Any ACE student is also encouraged to take on our First Aid course, ensuring those working in high-risk industries are qualified to assist in a medical emergency.

LO & LF Forklift Licence Training Options

Both our LO & LF Licences can be attained through training programs either with ACE at our Padstow location or onsite:

Licence to Operate a Forklift Truck (LF) –  LF Forklift Licence Course.

Licence to Operate a Load Shifting Order Picker (LO) – LO Order Picker Course.