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Workplace safety is a major concern. Everyone, including employers, workers and regulators, such as Occupational Health and Safety and WorkCover, need to be involved in the effort to regulate our working environments.

Failure to keep your workplace safe for you and your employees can cost you. From lofty on-the-spot fines to accidents, death and lawsuits – a poor safety record in the logistics and transport industry has seen many a business’ reputation go down the gurgler.

The warehouse, logistics and transport industry has to pay particular attention to its forklift drivers and machinery operators.

A quick Google search brought up several forklift incidents costing businesses thousands of dollars in fines. One company was fined $160,000 for failure to make sure safety rules were followed. The incident led to the loss of a 73-year-old worker’s lower leg after a forklift hit him. Another employee injury resulted in a $73,000 fine.

And it’s not just the employers. Workers may even be fined: an unlicensed forklift driver was fined $3,000 for running over a co-worker.

The final responsibility for keeping a work area safe falls to the employer. A document entitled Forklift Safety – Reducing the Risks, published by WorkCover, describes the following employer obligations in regard to workplace safety for employees and others who could be in the work area when forklifts are in operation:

The WorkCover publication also tells us about the Four Safe Steps to Hazard Management. The steps use the letters in the word SAFE to help people remember how to avoid work issues like accidents and fines.

Employers should be using this outline when setting up their traffic management plan.

No situation or workplace is perfect – or perfectly safe.

But it’s possible to avoid tragic accidents and for everyone to be safety conscious when they’re on the floor. By enforcing vigilance across safety and risk monitoring and by ensuring your drivers and operators are well trained, you’ll avoid fines, injury and devastating onsite tragedies.

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