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New Forklift Safety Mandates at the Sydney Markets


Two fatal accidents at the Sydney Markets have lead to the introduction of mandatory seatbelts and rollover protection for all onsite forklifts. The accidents, occurring in 2012 and 2013, forced the country’s largest fresh-food market to seriously scrutinise their safety standards and operations. Every night 5,000 workers move at a frenzied pace around the 43-hectre […]

Forklift Training: Employers Act to Avoid Fines and Accidents


Workplace safety is a major concern. Everyone, including employers, workers and regulators, such as Occupational Health and Safety and WorkCover, need to be involved in the effort to regulate our working environments. Failure to keep your workplace safe for you and your employees can cost you. From lofty on-the-spot fines to accidents, death and lawsuits […]

Accidents a Grim Reminder of the Importance of Forklift Training

Two recent incidents in New South Wales involving forklifts have served as grim reminders to the industry of how vital it is to ensure operators receive the most intensive job safety training available. This is vital for the safety of the drivers, their coworkers, and others who may be present in the work area. While […]