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Are you looking for a new career? Or perhaps you need to upskill for your current industry?

90.6% of Forklift drivers are in full-time work

Gaining a forklift licence can open doors to new, rewarding job prospects. With some 61,000 people employed as Forklift drivers around Australia, the prospects for full-time and long-term employment are high; in fact 90.6% of drivers are in full-time work according to Australian Job Outlook.

NSW, Australia’s most populated state, and home to a large portion of the country’s industry and trade, has one of the highest employment rates for Forklift drivers (30.7%.) Forklift drivers find employment in a number of different areas, but transport, postal and warehousing employs the highest percentage, 35.7% of all qualified Forklift drivers. In this industry, Forklift drivers can find work with postal companies and couriers, in shipping terminals and even at airports. Manufacturing, which includes the large housing development industry, auto and furniture sectors, employs 28.4% of Forklift drivers, wholesale trade employs 14.9%, and retail trade employs 8.8% of drivers. From this, it is clear that while Forklift drivers require a fairly standard set of skills, including excellent judgment and logic, there are career possibilities in a number of different industries and areas.

Forklift drivers can earn up to a $75,000 salary

For Forklift drivers starting their career, wages are fairly low, but steady. The average Forklift driver earns $21 per hour in Australia, according to PayScale, however with time and experience, some can earn up to $36 an hour or $75,000 annually.

Opportunities for career progression from a Forklift licence are numerous.

From simple Forklift operation, employees showing responsibility, efficiency, and leadership skills can be promoted to shift or floor supervisor or even team leader. For those showing interest in mechanics and maintenance, further training may provide opportunities as a maintenance engineer or equipment specialist. Leadership and management skills, patience and an interest in education could also lead to further training and progression to positions such as construction yard operator or manager, and even Forklift training instructor with a company like ACE.

Currently, the highest portion of Forklift licence holders are between 25 and 34 years old. However because Forklift operation is a very stable occupation, with generally long-term employment, there is a high percentage of workers aged between 35 and 54, with a smaller, but still significant number up to 64 years old.

Combine these long-term job prospects with nationwide growth in the building industry, and the increasingly large transport and logistics industries, and there is consistent demand for Forklift licence holders. Find more about ezeewallet casinos here: So regardless of your age, or different industries you’re interested in, gaining a Forklift licence is a solid starting point for a long-term career.

ACE Forklift training offers a number of different Forklift licence courses

From Advanced training courses for first-timers, through to refresher courses and first aid courses for those returning to work or a new industry. Kick start your career today, find the training course that’s right for you.