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Forklift License

Have you ever found yourself contemplating your life and pondered what’s missing? The solution is simple and can be achieved in as little as two days. Well keep reading as I have a solution that is not only easy but it will fill your void in as little as two days.

The solution is getting your forklift licence. You could rightly ask why your life would be made complete by being able to drive a forklift so here are seven reasons that prove forklifts are amazing:

You can lift heavy things with ease

Your standard LF Forklift is capable of lifting around 3 tonnes, which is not quite a full sized male African Elephant, but it’s getting close and who wouldn’t want to be able to lift an elephant and move it around?

Outside of elephants a forklift can zip around a warehouse moving pallets around, loading them on trucks. The perfect solution for those who are required to get heavy pallets on or off trucks.

Talking point at your next barbeque

Getting your forklift licence will introduce you to the exclusive world of forklift drivers and will set you apart from friends and family members. Imagine being at your in-laws having a Sunday barbeque surrounded by officer workers, bank managers and solicitors. Boring. You on the other hand can stand out and say ‘I am a forklift driver!’

Having this up your sleeve will avoid any awkward moments over the salad bowl when you are asked about interest rate rises, or being hit up for free legal advice.

Expect to be trained by highly skilled professionals

If you approach a company like ACE Forklifting you can expect to be trained by a team of highly skilled professionals who want to see you succeed in being the best forklift driver you can be.

There are other professions or skills out there that are less than ideal and have their fair share of shonks but you won’t find that with ACE Forklifting because they believe in helping students achieve the best results by providing a personalised service teamed with some of the most experienced assessors in the industry.

The team also make your training an enjoyable and memorable experience – service that can only be delivered by a professional.

Forklifts are better for the environment

We’ve all heard about climate change and let’s face it this year there’s been spring in winter and winter in spring plus record temperatures making it likely something is going on when it comes to global warming.

One of those things most likely not contributing to carbon emissions is forklifts – especially if you are using one powered by propane. By driving a forklift you are reducing your emissions and you will find the propane will provide more power, is more cost effective, runs for longer and requires less maintenance than electric powered vehicles. It’s a win for the environment and a win for your business.

Unlike hipsters forklifts aren’t a passing fad

Going for a walk around the Sydney suburbs of Surry Hills, Bondi or even Marrickville and you will probably notice lots of men with beards, skinny jeans, tattoos and baseball caps; you might also wonder when did the world get so hipster. It’s a passing fad, of course, and in 12 months time we will be wondering what happened to all that facial hair. Not so with the forklift.

The forklift is over 100 years old when they emerged on the warehouse scene in 1906 and exploded during the World War I when there was shortage in manual labour. Over the decades the technology and design further developed to we have what we have today. A practical vehicle that never goes out of fashion.

A forklift licence won’t cost the earth

Unlike other past times or hobbies that require lots of cash up front to buy new equipment, take long training courses, and travel to far off destinations a forklift licence can cost you as little as $200 for a two day training course.

ACE Forklifting pack a lot into that $200 by teaching their students everything they need to know about maintenance, starting, stopping, pre and post checks, safety, communications and hazard detection. It includes both theory and practical components so you will know the theory and be able to apply it to a real life situation.

And if you are wondering how much you can expect to earn driving a forklift most beginner drivers are paid between $18 and $23 per hour so you will make back what you paid for your licence within the first week!

A forklift is versatile

If you think of a bike it pretty much has one function; you ride it from A to B. A television it has one function too and while it can provide hours of entertainment it’s restricted to one spot and displaying images and playing sound. A forklift on the other hand can do so much more than lift.

By attaching a few extras to your forklift you will be able to build a fence, weigh elephants, and put down slip-sheets in lightning speed.

So there you have seven reasons a forklift licence will fulfil your life. There are of course many more but in all seriousness if you are contemplating getting your forklift licence or even renewing an existing one the team at ACE Forklifting are a professional outfit who are passionate about training and career development.

You can book online or call 02 9773 4490 if you have any questions about forklifts, training and assessment requirements.